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Discover your natural voice!


vocal pedagogue, mezzo-soprano     

Markéta Malcová

Canto Libero means ‘liberated’, or ‘tension-free singing’.

The approach focuses on the relaxation of muscles in the body, aiming to liberate and develop a voice unique to each individual.

Having graduated from the Conservatoire of Music in Prague, Markéta discovered the Canto Libero approach and has been using it to teach and sing for over thirty years. 

Now based in Enniscorthy, Ireland, Markéta offers classes in singing at her home and online. She teaches vocal students of all ages and regularly showcases them in concerts and workshops.

Anne Colgan, author and voice psychotherapist

"Marketa gave me the skills and confidence to produce a beautiful sound that is uniquely mine, sounds natural while at the same time strong and musical..."

Ruth Gallagher, singer

"I was amazed at how I was able to effortlessly expand my range and feel more connected to the sound. It felt very natural and opened up my voice considerably by using the breath more effectively..."

Nick Day, singer and composer

"I highly recommend Marketa as a singing teacher not only for your healthy vocal technique but also for the experience of learning within a musical family."
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